Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Irresponsible II

From AFP:

Outside the House of Commons, several Conservative MPs described the plot as "tantamount to treason," while a Carleton University international affairs expert commented it has reduced Canada to a "banana republic with snowflakes" in the eyes of the world.

Which MPs?

The Conservatives, again, ramping up the rhetoric to nuclear. Words like treason kill people. This was not a crisis until the Conservatives made it one. Their game is to push the partisanship to the brink in the hope the Opposition will back down for fear of country. The problem is the further they push, the more dangerous the rhetoric, the less control they have over their supporters' actions. How far will Harper try to go to maintain power? The man is a fanatic through and through.

The Coalition has asked the Conservatives to leave the house, and instead of leaving with peaceful grumble, the Conservatives have gone to the kitchen and are rummaging through the knife drawer.

The Opposition must stand its ground and must, above all else, let the rules and procedures of parliament work. The Conservatives must not be allowed to delegitimise this process through rhetoric and intimidation.

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