Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wow! 58 new CFIA inspectors!

While Tony Clement dines in excellence at Denver and ponders how to diddle with the safety of Canadian food, this announcement hits the street.
The Conservative government promised yesterday to hire 58 more food inspectors and said discussions are under way about the merits of adopting more rigorous U.S. meat safety measures.

Facing allegations from opposition MPs that federal ministers have been less than forthright in explaining their plans for food inspection reform, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz said his government continues to improve food safety.

"We are targeting another 58 people to be on the front lines," said Mr. Ritz, as he and federal officials briefed reporters in Ottawa.

So, a little look at Maple Leaf Foods produces the following:

MLF production plants: 29

MLF distribution centres: 29

Number of MLF federally registered facilities: 58

What a coincidence!! After an attempt by the Conservatives to de-regulate the industry, (something McCain of Maple Leaf Foods is against) it looks like MLF is going to get 100% on site inspection. But what about all the other major, centralized food producers? Y'know, Lilydale, Kraft, etc.

Something which has a few food industry insiders* raising questions is the content of the CFIA website. According to some of them the CFIA should have, by now, posted detailed instructions to retail outlets about the proper disposal and cleaning procedures of recalled foods. At the time of writing, I couldn't find it.

* Direct source

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