Tuesday, August 26, 2008

50% Canadian Beaver!

Ah, marvellous, last week, the CRTC approved an Alberta porn channel that will offer 50% Canadian production, without any government subsidy. Mind-boggling; the fundies'll go berserk.
Canada.com's newspapers are a great example of the reactions:
The Calgary Herald holds this development to be "an abomination".
The Edmonton Journal sees "An unlikely partner in fighting crime" and
The Ottawa Gazette sees that the "Network to give artists new exposure".

A Canadian digital station in the world of adult entertainment is actually a perfect match for the multicultural- and diversity-promoting philosophy of the CRTC.

Unlike mainstream program offerings, there's no shortage of multi-ethnic productions in this genre, including "I Love 'em Asian," "Black Street Hookers" and "Barely Legal Latinas."

But it's the homegrown content that should really be titillating. How about an erotic sports drama, "He shoots - he scores - and he shoots again"?

And what Canadian wouldn't get more than a little sentimental sitting back to enjoy the raunchy feature "Debbie does Moose Jaw"?

And the "I like it rough, eh" reality series is surely destined to become a classic.

Hoo-weeeee!!! This is going to be sumbitch fun to watch: the self-appointed morals Proctors in paroxysmic outrage.

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