Saturday, August 16, 2008

Harper doesn't have a hidden agenda...

... it's right out there in the open and you can read all about it any time you like on the "Agenda for Canada" page of the National Citizens Coalition.

Founded back in '67 by a life insurance executive millionaire to fight against public healthcare, the National Citizens Coalition is the right wing lobby group Harper once headed as president and to which he will undoubtedly return, as he did in '97 following his stint as a Reform MP.

From the NCC's "Agenda for Canada" :

  • cut big government spending
  • get a better return on our health-care investments
  • allow Canadians to keep more of the money they earn
  • push for a democratically elected senate, a strong military, a privatized CBC
  • entrench property rights
  • end the Wheat Board monopoly
  • restore rights to union workers
  • end CRTC censorship

A very big, and somewhat topical, priority for them has been legally challenging electoral financing laws limiting third-party advertising spending during election campaigns, as in The Attorney General of Canada v. Stephen Joseph Harper .

They have also mounted media campaigns against grants for the arts and social advocacy organizations, and against public funding for human rights and women's groups.
Currently they have one going against Dion's carbon tax.

Any of this sound at all familiar?

And then there's that famous speech Harper made in June 1997 to the U.S. Council for National Policy, the one in which he referred to Canada as "a Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term". He was Vice-President of the NCC at the time.

Harper always was just temporarily on loan to us from the NCC; it's time for them to take him back again.

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