Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Soap Star stevie . . . .

Our illustrious(?) Prime Minister appears to be taunting the illustrious(?) Leader of the Liberal Party into an early election.

From today's Globe and Mail:

Harper mulling whether to call election
THE CANADIAN PRESS August 19, 2008

HAMILTON, Ont. — Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he will spend the “next few weeks” contemplating whether to call an election.

Mr. Harper, in Hamilton for a health-care funding announcement, said Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion is balking at toppling the minority Conservatives because he's worried about the polls.


Mr. Harper said he will spend the next few weeks analyzing the situation and determining whether the Tories can have a productive fall session of Parliament.


"The next election has not been scheduled until October of 2009 and — who knows? — Mr. Dion may wish to wait longer than that," Mr. Harper said at a barbecue to kick off a two-day swing through Southern Ontario.

"I have to say this has really become quite a soap opera."

Well now, stevie.

Even though you obviously have the wardrobe for one, we can't quite call this situation a soap opera, can we?

At least in a soap opera, the viewers (public) can vote with their pocket book and switch your dog-and-pony show off.

With you in the PM's office, you pretty much have carte blanche to single-handedly destroy Canada's image around the world and annihilate our values.

Even All My Children doesn't have that much power . . . .

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