Monday, August 18, 2008

If the Globe and Mail is going to give this guy a voice...

There is an obligation to produce the body to go with it. This is just plain bullshit.
"If Canadians cannot count on non-political, non-ideological justice from the Supreme Court of Canada, it compromises the whole justice system," Charles McVety, president of the Canadian Family Action Coalition and president of the Canada Christian College in Toronto, said in an interview yesterday.
I was once one of the "chief critics" of Brian Mulroney and I don't recall the G&M calling for my wholly unqualified opinion.

This whole thing is becoming less and less about the so-called Morgentaler controversy and more and more about the fact that the Globe and Mail seems incapable of doing 30 minutes of research into the background of those who gain a platform under their headlines.

Edward Greenspon needs to get out of his chair and kick a few asses. I would recommend starting with MacKenzie and Walmsley, the managing editor and national editor respectively. Surely they learned the value of research when they were in J school. Perhaps it's time to issue a few not-so-gentle reminders.

And in case, Mr. Greenspon, you think I'm a lone voice on this, you can check here, here and here, just to start. We're all seeing the same thing: The G&M taking the word of an illusionist with questionable credentials.

Questionable credentials? Oh yes. You see, Mr. Greenspon, you keep referring to McVety as "Dr.". There is a solid body of information out there which puts that particular title of McVety's to question. Bene Diction is a good starting point where you'll also find a trail of research and questions which expose McVety (and others) for what he really is. And is wasn't a solitary effort. Others contributed to the research and had started questioning McVety's "doctorate" in early June. From there others went to work. When we couldn't get answers to direct emails we took the next step - we made direct phone calls. Here are the results.

So, Mr. Greenspon, the story is now about your newspaper - and the shoddy job it's doing.

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