Thursday, August 14, 2008

Conservatives Terminating Arts Funding

They've already cut about $19 million from several different programs just within the past few days and it appears they're ready to cut about another $27 million by next April.

CanWest has more. The Globe and Mail does too.

A Harper majority will almost certainly lead to the destruction of the Canada Council. And Harper has put a party contributor in place to oversee the task.

Joseph L. Rotman, who was just put in place as Chair of the Canada Council, is also the guy after whom the School of Management at U. of T. is named.

In 2006 Rotman gave the party the maximum personal donation he could, $5200.00. So did his lovely wife.

Incidentally, the Dean of Rotman School of Management is one Roger Martin who was one of the Canadian attendees at this years Bilderberg Meeting.

My expectation is that "modern management efficiencies" will lead Rotman to recommend that the Canada Council be either severely downsized or eliminated altogether. Sometime within the first year of Harper's coming majority.

Then Rotman can be installed as head of the CBC.

We are so fucked.

Get drunk and stay drunk.

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