Wednesday, December 07, 2011

We've had the Flop

Now the Turn.

Next ... the River.

And at the Showdown, MacKay buggers off from the table as fast as his burning knickers will allow.

A sudden change of plans that will see Defence Minister Peter MacKay representing Canada at a NATO foreign ministers' meeting in Brussels this week instead of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has left opposition parties crying foul.

Baird's attendance at the high-level conference had been confirmed late last week, and the foreign affairs minister has been touring Europe since Monday. He was to attend the NATO meeting on Thursday, then travel to The Hague on Friday for a conference on Internet freedom, before returning home.

But the government announced Wednesday morning that MacKay, who has been under fire for his use of a military helicopter last year, would be going to Brussels instead while Canadian Ambassador to the Netherlands James Lambert will attend the Internet meeting.
Only a cheater runs that fast.

For those unfamiliar with the terms above, go here.

Kenny Rogers has some advice for you MacKay. So far you've proven you're really, really bad at this game.

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Steve said...

So how many private jets more were needed to shuffle Baird to Washington and Airshow to Holland.