Thursday, December 08, 2011

Brain death is no excuse for stupidty

My god, where did they dig up this twit?

Mrs. Thatcher was a tough, adversarial leader. She was never liked, even by those who supported her policies, and she was hated by those who opposed her.
Actually, she was the embodiment of pure evil.
She looked to her country's former enemies for solutions to her economic problems.

Privatisation did not feature in the 1979 Tory manifesto and her first term brought only small-scale sell-offs such as Amersham International, the medical diagnostics group.
Nor was it wholly new. The term was coined in the 1930s to describe aspects of Nazi Germany’s economic policy (Reprivatisierung).

Now, the weirdness in government in the UK is planning to give her a state funeral.

Here's an idea.

Parade her rotting corpse through Belfast, Northern Ireland.


double nickel said...


Steve said...

Thatcher and Reagan and the death of civilization.

Edstock said...

Not one of my favorite people for selling the UK to the financefascists, but consider Peter Sellers' movie, "I'm All Right, Jack", and the labor lunacy. The movie was no particular exaggeration.

There used to be a British car industry. Triumph, British Leyland, Armstrong, all gone; Rolls is a BMW name-plate, and VW owns Bentley. Along with GM's Vauxhall, Ford keeps trying, they build diesels in state-of-the-art facilities in Dagenham, for use around the world, plus V-8's and V-12's for Jaguar and Aston. But now, they assemble in Belgium, Germany, Poland and Romania and Turkey. FWIW, Belgium and Germany are heavily unionized, so it's not a Toyota-in-a-Right-to-Work-State attitude.

What a can of worms. The thing that really pisses me off about her was that she dismantled the UK educational system. Education is about enhancing the future, investing in the future. THe Iron Bitch didn't give a shit.

geoff said...

I never give up hope that some our of lovely politician disasters will enjoy the after life fate of Oliver Cromwell - state funeral, then dug up and tried for treason & convicted, etc. etc. My list for this after life fun would include: Thatcher, Blair and likely fat Steve once we've been able to dump him.

Poor old Oliver's fate is describe here .

I admit I take some consolation that the last years of both Reagan & Thatcher were & are spent as senile dementia. Awful of me but I'll ask for a pardon later.