Saturday, December 24, 2011

Deborah Grey gives Harper a reformer wedgie

On CBC's The House, Evan Solomon asked Reform Party matriarch Deborah Grey about Harper. Harper used to be her legislative assistant so we can probably safely assume she has some insight into the way he thinks. While she waxed on about how wonderful Harper is and how he's a Conservative and therefore the neatest thing since the invention of peanut butter, she slipped from referring to "conservatives", in a general sense to "Reformers", specifically. Solomon latched on:

Solomon: Is he still a Reformer?

Grey: Pardon?

Solomon: Is Stephen Harper still a Reformer?

Grey: Oh, I'd say so.

So much for the "mellowing" his supporters keep trying to foist on us. If you go to link and listen to the audio you can pick it up at about minute 18.


double nickel said...

Fuck Stephen Harper. That is all.

RossK said...

Does that mean I'd have to listen to 18 minutes of Ms. Grey prevaricate first?

If so, no thanks.

(but thanks for listening for us Dave)


Dave said...

I think the link allows you to slide forward ... however (clears throat) Stockwell Day precedes Grey. It was, (choking cough) highly entertaining. (Provided you're willing to listen to a half-witted, semi-educated liar).

RossK said...


Then it really is double nickles on one thin dime?

I think I'll go listen to these guys instead.