Sunday, December 18, 2011

Murphy: Harper is as bad as all preceding prime ministers ... at their worst.

I don't pay much attention to Rex Murphy. While able to wax eloquent on most any topic, that is, in my opinion, his only strength. He calls himself a "skeptic" on the topic of global warming. I submit that an earth scientist is a skeptic on that subject; Murphy is a denier by any test and unqualified to assess the science of climatology.

He is, however, qualified to opine on topics political. We all are.

The problem with Murphy is that he sprays himself with the same eau de toilette when pontificating on Canadian politics as he does when he spouts on about things climatological. He attempts to portray himself as a pundit with no particular champion to promote.

I have never accepted that premise and Murphy's latest defence of Stephen Harper is sufficient enough evidence to impeach Murphy as a Harper flack.

Read it at your leisure. Try not to vomit while absorbing Murphy's new definition of tinkering.

Then read James Morton, who makes the singular point which underscores the salient feature of the Harper government: ... at best Murphy's argument suggests the Conservatives have been corrupted by power and corrupted badly.

Murphy's assertion that Harper has never showed the kind of disrespect for MP's (and by extension the electorate) as that of Pierre Trudeau is laughable. Setting aside the fact that the reason Harper's government fell in March 2011 was because it was found in contempt of parliament, Harper is smart enough to know that Trudeau's exhibited arrogance was unpalatable to almost all Canadians.

When Harper wants to smear somebody or demonstrate his contempt, he has somebody else do it for him.


Simon said...

hi Dave...Rex Murphy has been regurgitating Con talking points for YEARS. He is an out and out climate change denier, and how the CBC gives him so much air time is simply appalling. As is his creepy obsession with Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson's tits. Unfortunately I'm forced to occasionally share the same waterfront supermarket with him. A few weeks ago I came upon him sniffing the sausages in the meat section, and I've had nightmares ever since... ;)

Dave said...

Did you hear the odious little twerp take a chunk out of a 12 year old today?

What a complete fucking waste of room air.

Carmichael said...

Ah...Wreck Smurfee.

Our very own Gollum.

Crazier than a shit house rat now, he is. Can't walk down the street without yelling at the people walking toward him. Nonsense words mostly, word salad, things like "I'm not a gerbil I'm a raptor rat, rat-a-tat-tat." Then spinning in place and whirling his umbrella around and around while spitting repeatedly into the air. Sad really. But funny too.

Once there was a time when there was a stray thought flying free about the halls of the dear old mother corpse that he might one day achieve the kind of respect and trustworthiness enjoyed by such as Walter Cronkite. Lasted until the guy that started the rumour looked in the mirror and discovered he was Wreck Smurfee himself. Set the tone for his whole career really. No one else at the corpse seems to know how he kept getting promoted and given more shows and no one will own up either.

But a bad recreational experience happened in 1977 and poor Wreck has never been the same since. Believes himself to be the reincarnation of Jeanette Jerome for some unknown reason. Also it's very difficult for colleagues to be in the same studio as him because of his poor personal hygiene. Stinks like 2 week old raw fish left on a bed of fresh dog shit. Has to be experienced to be believed.

Has no children of his own as far as anyone can determine. Blessings come in many forms. Lives in a house with one entrance and many exits. Seems fitting somehow.

Edstock said...

Re: Harper

I understand that there's a vacancy in North Korea; maybe Stevie could apply?

Renter said...

There was a time - more then 10 years ago - when I found Rex Murphy palatable. When he talk about the senate recommending marijuana legalization on Cross Country Checkup in a objective, rational way. In fact, I used to enjoy the show when he asked intelligent questions of callers that thoughtfully challenged their view points without driving his own opinion home.

Then 9-11 came. His objectiveness dissolved. His conservative opinion (support of the war, support of the troops) became evident and began to branch into other topics (anti-choice, GLBT rights denier, climate change denier, etc) and now I can no longer stand even the sound of his voice, let alone the things he says.

He and Don Cherry can go jump off a bridge together somewhere.