Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Let's slide these beers outta the way ...

OK, Major. It's just you and me sitting in the mess. No stripes here (which is a good thing for you). You read my last posting. I've read what you have to say.

[Maj] Reid, who was also the commander of the Gander-based helicopter squadron until he retired in October, told iPolitics that the flight was a scheduled training mission intended to have a new flight engineer practice using the Cormorant’s hoist equipment.

“This was a training flight that we were going to participate in,” said Reid, who could not be reached for comment Wednesday. “If the minister was able to slide his way in, in some fashion, that was fine with us.”

First, we all know how pencil-necked politicians work. If it was a training mission and MacKay was scheduled to observe it in an official capacity there would have been more activity around Gander than an acid spill in a condom factory for at least a week before the flight.

Second, when has MacKay done anything around any piece of military kit without having it and himself photographed from six different angles? Past and recent behaviour shows the guy never met a camera he didn't adore.Where were the platoon of photographers? Hmmm?

Considering this would have been MacKay playing with the troops again, a prime photo op, well .... I'm calling bullshit.

Drink your suds, sport. I'm not finished.


900ft Jesus said...

good point about the photo op thing.

Dave said...

When you ask, "what's missing from this picture?" ... it's the picture!

Steve said...

He would have been in uniform with the ministerial codpiece.