Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jail the fat white man with the disgusting hat

Jason Kenney believes that the Charter of Rights, established under the Constitution of this country is something stupid. 

"I'm sure they'll trump up some stupid Charter of Rights challenge. That's democracy. They're welcome to object. "

In short, he has expressed the belief that the governing party trumps the Constitution.

Every bullet fired from the barrel of a police pistol was my bullet. If you call that murder, then I am the murderer. Finally I alone created, on my own initiative, the State Secret Police Department. This is the instrument which is so much feared by the enemies of the State, and which is chiefly responsible for the fact that in Germany and Prussia today there is no question of a Marxist or Communist danger.
Herman Goering
Jail him now. Don't bother with a trial. Don't concern yourself with his rights. If it's a problem for him he can make a stupid Charter challenge. That's democracy. He spends time in jail and we ignore him until he resurfaces. 

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Edstock said...

Odious slime. This is a clear and present danger.