Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I believe the corporal.

Everyone would like to disbelieve Rick Hillier. That's understandable. He drove those horses a little harder than he should have. However, I have to agree with him on one point: Initial action reports are full of errors. That's a simple fact. Nothing coming off the battlespace is completely accurate. It can't be. The confusion is just too overwhelming.

So, this report has more information, but it also has the eyewitness statement of one who was there.
"I was there and our boys were not killed by friendly fire," Corp. Jody Mitic wrote on Twitter. "Ask anyone from Charlie Company. Friendly fire my ass . . ."

Give me a reason why I would not take the word of a corporal, on the ground, in the action, fully engaged.

I've been him. I believe him.

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