Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Conflict. Blue on Blue.

The CBC report.
The Canadian military is rejecting a report released by WikiLeaks that suggests four Canadian soldiers who died in September 2006 in Afghanistan were killed by friendly fire from U.S. forces.

The military maintains the four soldiers died in combat with the Taliban.

The press release issued by Canadian Expeditionary Force Command on 3 September, 2006.

Four Canadian soldiers were killed today at approximately 8:50 a.m. Kandahar time as they fought to drive Taliban fighters from a region west of Kandahar City. These casualties occurred on the second day of Operation Medusa, a significant combined effort between the Afghan National Security Forces, Canada and our other NATO partners in the International Security Assistance Force.

The incident report from the US 205th Regional Corps Advisory Group on that same day.

At 030414Z Sept 06 received SAF & RPGS from sawtooth building.
returned fire 1x GBU dropped on it.
Sawtooth building is heavily damaged.
only 4x sections remain standing. no activity observed.
Casualties 4x CDN KIA 4X CDN WIA.
At 030419Z Sep received SAF and RPG fire on op,
a total of WIA in these hour 7x CDN,
and 4x CDN KIA and 1x WIA interpreter.

Attack on: FRIEND
Discrepancy? Looks that way. Read that CEFCOM press release again.

More later... perhaps.

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