Thursday, July 22, 2010

The G20 Independent Review

~updated below~

Amusing CBC headline today : G20 independent review seeks public input

What will not be included in the 'independent civilian review' :

~ specific operational issues
~ actions of police forces other than the Toronto Police, including the RCMP
~ complaints about personal experiences with police officers

Former assistant deputy attorney general of Ontario Douglas Hunt will oversee the drafting of the review's terms of reference will introduce further limitations on a review which already has no legal power to effect any changes and has been cobbled together by a civilian group whose sole mandate is to provide policy and oversight advice to the police chief.

Please ensure you limit your "public input" accordingly.

Update : Things looking up. Ontario police watchdog Gerry McNeilly is to start his own inquiry into the almost 300 complaints against police. He does have the subpoena power and the authority to investigate G20 actions of police from outside Ontario as well - although RCMP not mentioned. In comments Mark Francis notes the Canadian Civil Liberties Association approves this one :

"The review will examine the systemic issues related to allegations of unlawful searches, unlawful arrests, improper detention and issues related to the temporary holding facility during the G20."

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