Thursday, July 01, 2010

Utter bullshit (Updated)

I can't remember when was the last time I read anything like this.

It was either Pravda sometime before 1983 or a community newspaper where the editor was the brother-in-law of the contractor building the sewer system.

Tell you what, Christie, when they take Blair to the wall, go with him and make sure you've got an extra cigarette.

BONUS! Not only is Blatchford's story just plain bullshit but it looks like the story Toronto police chief Bill Blair fed her was even deeper bovine scatology.

From a witness who was there, with pictures and videos to support his her claim, the repatriation ceremony took place as planned and with no "Black Bloc", no disruptions and no panic. The media didn't miss the events Blair recounted to Blatchford because, as the witness states, "There was ... nothing to miss."

Search as I might, I can find nothing to indicate that the "Black Bloc" made any kind of appearance before Saturday.

As Harebell (who led me to this by the way) in comments points out, this is more than just gullibility on Blatchford's part.

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