Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dragging it out...

Impolitical on the Great Extension:
...So basically everyone is in agreement that MPs get to see the documents. It's whether there are any teeth in the seeing that is the remaining question. What good is it, after all, to be permitted into the room if you can't really do anything accountability wise with information that comes to light? If there's no accountability to be had, the process is a sham.
Sham indeed. Given their track record, it seems obvious the Conservatives do not ever want any of these documents to see the light of day in such a way that they might be held accountable. They were willing to let it go to the point of a contempt motion and are now 'cooperating' only because they're forced to.

With that in mind, I suspect that they'll drag out the extension to the wire and eventually agree to some measure that would appear satisfy the opposition parties. But then they'll drag out and obstruct the process of document review. And keep dragging things out until they think they're out of the danger zone and/or in safe polling territory to spring an election and/or the House recesses for summer, and/or the Rapture comes. Or the Opposition comes to realise early enough that the Harper Regime has no interest in holding to the spirit of whatever the final document settlement looks like...

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