Saturday, May 29, 2010

Britain opts for an increase in junk mail... and there is a job opening at Canada Post

Things that fly under the radar. Canada's highest paid bureaucrat is quitting at Canada Post and going for an even higher paying job at... The Royal Mail.
Royal Mail has named Moya Greene as its new chief executive, the first female to be appointed to the role.

Ms Greene, who is currently chief executive of Canada Post, will take up the position at the beginning of July.

Hmmm.... there was probably no need to highlight gender, but that seems to excite the BBC.

Moya Greene, as the highest paid public sector employee in Canada, was constantly at loggerheads with the unions at Canada Post. The unions accused her of signing off on a collective agreement and then promptly making a concerted effort to tear it up.

And if you think Greene was being somewhat over-compensated in her native land, wait until you see what the Brits are going to pay her. (Emphasis mine)

It it understood that she will be on a basic salary of just under £500,000 ($720,000).

The Treasury says that sort of remuneration needs its approval as is above the £142,000 cap the government has placed on public sector salaries.

Anything higher than that needs the permission of the chief secretary to the Treasury, David Laws.

The Royal Mail's position is believed to be that it is a commercial organisation, and therefore does not need the say-so of the government.

The Treasury, when contacted by the BBC, would not say if permission had been either sought, or granted.

This is sounding like a familiar old story.

Royal Mail workers might want to brace themselves. Things could get a little testy in the coming months. In the meantime, UK posties should get used to heavier mail bags and residents will need larger recycle bins.

And since Britain's "new government" is finding expensive Canadians so damned attractive, how about they take Celine Dion, Bryan Adams and David Hahn while their at it.

Now.... who is Harper going to reward with this plum position at Canada Post? If you don't think this new and sudden vacancy is important, you haven't been paying attention.

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