Sunday, May 02, 2010

Are you followin' me camera guy?

A reddit contributor asks an interesting question.

And while the idea of using Vince's rag may seem a bit far fetched when it comes to cleaning up oil spills, one might want to look back. Way back.

The Canadian Navy was on top of the problem of oil spills decades ago. It was called an Oilevator and it was invented by Richard Sewell at the Defence Research Establishment in Esquimalt, British Columbia. Even the Americans noticed. In fact, it drew some attention because its ability to deal with moderate ocean conditions.

Unfortunately, the conditions in the Gulf of Mexico and off the Gulf Coast are not as forgiving as is needed to make a slick-licker effective. Oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster is already slopping over the containment booms.

That makes watching weather and oceanographic conditions critical. Later today, if I get an opportunity, I put up some information.

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