Friday, May 28, 2010

So BP,

...what just exploded down there in the deep? And why haven't you mentioned it?

I like what this guy (remember him?) has to say about things:
The government should immediately freeze BP's assets and start to charge the corporation -- say $100 million -- each day the oil flows. The money could be held in a fund that U.S. government draws on to take care of the people along the Gulf Coast and pay the states for doing the cleanup.

Next, BP and the government bureaucrats who broke a law and put the public at risk need to go to jail.

An oil company just took out a coastline and big piece of sea, and very likely destroyed the social and economic viability of millions of people and communities dependent on that resource. Fishing towns will soon be ghost towns. Tourist beaches are now closed. If that oil company were a state, you'd have coalitions built, sanctions imposed, and loud denunciations in capitals around the world. When and if BP manages stop the spill , shut them down and regulate the hell out of the rest of the others. Take the hit in oil prices - it'll leave us better off in the long run.

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