Thursday, May 27, 2010

Conservatives are not right in the head

The Conservatives have really outdone themselves this week. I don't know where to start, whether with Baird showing up instead of Soudas, but claiming to be representing the Prime Minister, Jason Kenney lying his fat fucking face off in on the national news about committee appearances, or the whole general undermining of the Speaker's ruling on the Afghan document scandal.

I look at these little grown men of high office behaving in ways that would earn children a severe dose of parental discipline and can't help but wonder if they go home at night and hide in shame from their spouses and kids. Normal, decent people don't behave like that, nor do they tolerate that sort thing in others. Bosses lose employees and get their coffee spiked with urine. Coworkers are shunned, and subordinates are fired. In the army, smarmy liars and cowards such as these are very lucky to just be ostracised within their unit. Sometimes they wake up in the MIR; in war time, they don't.

These Harper Conservatives are not right in the head. Liars and cowards are cursed and shunned by every society in existence and we make laws against them because they undermine social cohesiveness and trust. We use terms like fraud, theft, graft, corruption to describe their crimes.

This isn't about economic or social policies. It's not about the environment or international relations, or electoral reform, or even Afghanistan. The biggest issue with the Conservatives has to do with their character. You can have informed and rational discourse around technical things like trade or pollution and military interventions, but you can't do those things with shameless liars and cowards who really have no interest in the substance of any matter save what serves their political survival. Like meth addicts, nothing they say can ever be trusted. Not agreements with other parties, not their own legislation, not their own ideologies. Anything they agree to is riddled with escape routes and is valid only as long as it serves their immediate tactical purpose. And when that fails, they'll call you names, smash your fine china, kick your cat, and scream they never promised anything.

You wouldn't work for them, with them, or employ them. You wouldn't tolerate their behaviour in children or other adults. I doubt even Conservatives supporters would in their day to day lives. When did it become OK to elect them?

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