Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It looks like I may lose....

So, I'll quit before that happens.
For the first time, B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell is not being so emphatic about seeking a fourth term in the 2013 election.
Because Campbell is actually a hard right, Thatcherist, conservative. And people like him don't do "hard".
Mr. Campbell told CTV, “it’s been an incredibly tough year. I’ve said that to people before. In all of my time in public life, I’ve never had as difficult a year as this.”
Yeah. That HST lie really did it to Gordo.

Arrogant prick.

Mario Canseco, public affairs vice-president for Angus Reid Strategies, said it appears that Mr. Campbell, first elected Premier in 2001, may be realizing it may be difficult to repair the damage.

Public scorn over the HST is galvanizing a core of voters who may never again be receptive to the Premier, and even Mr. Campbell’s enthusiastic participation in the Winter Olympics have not provided much of a polling bounce, Mr. Canseco said.

The best hope for the Liberals, he said, would be Mr. Campbell’s gracious departure and replacement.

Oh please. Let's not waste time being gracious. Gordo can just be himself. That should put him head-down in the shitter.

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