Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tell it like it is . . .

APRIL WINCHELL is a bright young woman. Her site has a wonderful piece, "Barack Obama is tired of your motherfucking shit". No shit, so to speak — and that's the heart of the matter. April explains:

If you’ve ever read President Obama’s Dreams From My Father, good for you. I couldn’t get past the foreword.

I wish I had. Because today I discovered that there’s a fairly juicy little subplot in the book, involving one of Obama’s high school friends.

Ray, a fellow classmate of Obama’s, was also bi-racial, and also trying to define himself. But what set him apart was his colorful manner of self-expression. Ray cursed like a motherfucker.

This would all be snickerworthy enough, but it turns out that Obama actually read the audiobook version of Dreams From My Father.

And that means he read Ray’s quotes.

Go visit April's site to listen.

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