Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Movement on the tree line

When a politician, especially one like Harper, tries to inculcate himself/herself into the culture of the military the inevitable response is... We do your bidding, but you are not and never have been one of us. We're better than you.

And it doesn't take much to prove that truth.

A huge majority of serving members of the military despise politicians - of all stripes. And they hate groupies.

Harper is a groupy. And a groupy only wants in on the party. No groupy is willing to do the grunt work it takes get there. The frat boys in the PMO have stepped in a minefield and they can figure out why the pros won't show them how to get out.

That's why this comment by our own Boris, a former member of the CF, deserves to be out front.
You may be placing too much mistrust in the military brass. They have several interests which separate them from the Harpercrats. Their war is being directed by a government that finds itself in significant hot water over it's handling of the conflict, and is actively attempting to hide from teh public and parliament over it. If that government is willing to throw Parliament under the bus to protect itself, no institution is safe from big black Con Firestones, including the military.

Also, the CF and its uniformed leadership have a long term interest in institutional coherence and stability that goes beyond Afghanistan and Stephen Harper. Under Hillier the frame alignment between the CF and the Cons got pretty incestuous. Now that scandal and coverup is the order of the day from Ottawa, it's in the CF's (under new leadership) interest to get as far from the Harperites as it can.
Never run into the forest. Watch the tree line.

Oh right. We're not a milblog.

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