Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Talibannosaurus Rex

JIHAD JUST GOT JURASSIC! io9 has a post by Cyriaque Lamar that's a delight: "The Most Politically Incorrect Fake SciFi B-Movie Poster Ever". The CG Society held a contest, "The B-Movie CG Challenge". Cyriaque notes: 

Dan Evans' poster for Talibannosaurus Rex was too mind-blowing for both CG Society's B-Movie contest and reality. Look at that happy raptor driving the jeep!

Dan Evans has his own site, My Art Shame: Confessions of a Games Industry Sin-Slave, where he states, "I work in the videogames industry where I am regularly forced to commit sins against creativity, decency and good taste. Then I go home and commit some more."

Jihad just got Jurassic — ya gotta love it.

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