Tuesday, May 04, 2010

1910 to 2010... and still counting

There are probably a lot of topics involving the Canadian Navy that I could go into this morning. But not today.
Today it's white gaiters and Number Ones.

Today, from St. John's to Victoria, the members of the the Canadian Navy will step off in column of route to mark the 100th anniversary of its birth as a Canadian service. The streets of Victoria and Halifax will echo with the cadence of ships' companies marching with the freedom granted by both those cities. And you will hear this as they march past.

If you are there, give them a cheer and a wave. And if you think of it whisper Bravo Zulu and give a "Well Done!" to the matelots who have been engaged in the Canadian Naval Service, the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Navy since the 4th of May, 1910.

Happy birthday Navy!

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