Wednesday, July 16, 2008


...this is going work out just fine and dandy:

OTTAWA - The federal government has warned bidders on a high-profile reconstruction project in Afghanistan that they will largely be responsible for their own security, raising the prospect that private security firms will form the first line of defence against the Taliban.

The Harper government announced last month that the refurbishment of the Dahla Dam will be one of Canada’s “signature” projects in Kandahar province. Canada has promised to invest as much as $50 million over three years to repair the long-neglected dam and its irrigation system, which supplies most of the farmers in the province.
First, you'll be lucky to even find bidders, given the way things are going over there.

Second, the insurgents have, in recent weeks, demonstrated a capacity to overrun fortified NATO positions and breach prisons meaning your defences around the dam project will have to be very robust.

Third, related to number two, NATO's version of robust includes access to fast air, artillery, mortars, main battle tanks, armoured fighting vehicles, and the most heavily armed and protected soldiers the world has ever seen. Last I heard, mercenary companies weren't putting in orders for LAV III or Warrior. If the insurgents really start to move against the dam, NATO may just end up protecting the mercs, who protect the contractors, who may or may not repair the dam.

Fourth, after Iraq...what on Earth makes you think that a contractor-merc mix is not going to end up in a shitload of scandal?!

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