Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation... finally!

We're getting out of here for a while. It's been a busy two years and a break has finally presented itself. We're taking it.

To most of those who really know me they'd accuse me of a bus man's holiday. We're taking our boat from Maple Bay to northern Vancouver Island to visit old friends. 34 feet of exclusion and solitude. And perhaps a few moments of dealing with the reality of navigation. (Actually, a lot of them, but that's the reality, and the responsibility, of being in a vessel on the water.)

We will be doing 6 knots. Period. That's our new reality. Sometimes we may be going slower. Tides can do that to you.

Who cares?

We're out to have some fun, take a bunch of pictures and perhaps, (FSM willing) catch a few fish. As much as we're looking forward to that what we're really looking forward to is what we're not going to get: newspapers, contracts, emails, phone calls and threats from the city that we were watering on the wrong day.

We're leaving and we're not coming back until we're thoroughly tired of some of the friends who helped us along in life. In fact, Cheryl wants to visit one of her bridesmaids. (There's a story you need to hear.)

Co-bloggers, it's all yours.

Readers, we'll see you when the days get shorter and the fog rolls in.

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