Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The world is officially nuts - part 1

This is from a pamphlet I picked up over the weekend as I headed off for yet another of my unscheduled trips.

Getting Involved

Everyone can assist by reporting suspicious activities to any (company) employee. Such activities include:

Unusual recording or monitoring activities, including the use of cameras, note taking, drawing diagrams, annotating on maps or using binoculars or other vision-enhancing devices; Unusual or heightened interest in restricted or prohibited areas; ....
So, you probably think I found that in some US location, right?


Try BC Ferries.

It is right out of the brochure rack on the Queen of Oak Bay, (where they proudly serve coffee roasted by an American company), and is a BC Ferries produced handout describing company security procedures.

Can you imagine reporting someone on a BC Ferry for using a camera? Ohhh Nooees! That tourist is taking a picture of the Pacific Biological Station! And there are all kinds of people at the computer work stations using their laptops. One person is NOT playing a game! He's drawing (Oh save us from the terraists!) a graph!!! And oh yes, Mr. Chief Mate, you know that chart of the various ferry routes that you have up in the passenger area? Well, brace yourself. I actually saw somebody looking at it! And there are a bunch of people on the upper deck speaking a foreign language using binoculars!! (They were watching a pair of terraist eagles).

And you know the announcement telling people to familiarize themselves with the location of lifesaving equipment? Well, I actually saw two people who adhered to that request and were studying the Lifesaving Equipment Plan. We all know what they're up to, don't we? Un huh! They're planning their escape after they blow us all up.

Unfortunately I can't give you a link to this particular brochure since there is nary a word of it anywhere on BC Ferries website. I can tell you where to get one though: Any BC Ferry or BC Ferries terminal.

If you think it stops there, wait until you read the second part of this later today.

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