Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brief Interlude

While we wait for a new one of these.

Which explains why B O A T actually stands for Break Out Another Thousand.

In the meantime, here is a bit of a photo log produced by Cheryl: (Click to enlarge)

Who says you can't have a traffic jam at sea? This is nearing slack tide passing though a narrows. Actually everyone was very well behaved and the passage went without incident. Well, sort of. A larger vessel, port of registry which I will not disclose for now, but suffice to say there is no maple leaf in its national flag, made an announcement that it had the "right of way" because of the particular direction it was travelling and demanded that all other vessels get out of the way.

A quick re-look at Rule 9 verified what I have known for 30 years: The young fellow was full of shit. (As a process of education, I will leave you to search out Rule 9 of Collision Regulations).

And those things too always pass, thus giving us an early morning departure from the anchorage for a day of fishing. (We won't discuss what was found in the crab trap that morning).

The adventure continues.

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