Friday, July 25, 2008

Emma the Embryo on the Massive New Poll

Or as Fern Hill put it : 90% Don't Give a Shit
The Massive New Poll, as Campaign Life Coalition proudly calls it, was carried out via an automated demon-dialer which, according to the brand new website of the polling company CLC employed to bother people eating their dinner, "plays a pre-recorded message on a customer's answering machine, voicemail service, or even to a "live" person" :
"Do you believe abortionist Henry Morgentaler deserves the Order of Canada Press 1 for Yes Press 2 for ...."
Less than 5%, guys. You should have stuck with freeping the G&M poll.
JJ and Big City Lib investigate the various anti-choice ReformaTory relatives associated with the polling company.
And deBeauxOs at Birth Pangs explains why we should care about those associations in a chilling piece about what Operation Rescue has been up to lately.
Finally, here's a little BC history moment on Campaign Life Coalition's links to Operation Rescue :
Anti-Abortion Cop Uses Police Computer to Track Clinic Workers
Update : Buckets posts screen shots of a page from the one-day-old KLR Vu polling website -
and it's a word-for-word copy of a US polling website, which is fitting really, given that our anti-choice websites up here are often also mirror images of U.S. ones. I suppose the inability to spell "Canadians" properly should have tipped me off.

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