Monday, July 14, 2008

Dear Andrew Johnson of the New Zealand Herald,

What the fuck is "simulated sexual abuse"?

"They made us sit on each other's laps," he said. "They were enjoying humiliating and abusing us, I wished I was dead at this moment. Then they made me sit with Tariq ... where I was forced to put Tariq's penis in my mouth. The other two were made to do the same."


There have been claims of simulated sexual abuse of Iraqis by British troops, but this, if true, would be the first example of actual sexual abuse.

Soldiers rounding up looters as part of an operation codenamed Ali Baba took photographs of prisoners suspended in nets from forklift trucks and others forced to strip naked and adopt simulated sex positions.

Are you really that bloody thick, or are you just simulating stupid? You wouldn't think that those reporting on the sexual abuse of Iraqis by occupation troops could possibly make the crime any more heinous, but there you go.

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