Saturday, June 30, 2007

And the Canadian Embassy reacts

You can have an effect. From comments to this post Celeste reports: (Emphasis mine)
They have taken the link down, this is their reply to my email:

Dear Ms (snip)

Thank you for your email regarding a post made this week in the blog
"Right Wing Girl" and the our article about the Canadian Angels website
from a 2006 edition of the Connect2Canada newsletter.

Our mention of Canadian Angels was made over a year ago. We have now
removed that reference to the Canadian Angels site from the
Connect2Canada website and newsletter and will not make future references
to it.

Thank you again for your message. We very much value the feedback of
Connect2Canada members.


Bernard Etzinger
Connect2Canada team
Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC
And I can verify that, in fact, the link has been removed. For that I will commend the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C. for quickly taking appropriate action once they were made aware of the problem.

The credit for bringing this matter to the attention of the Canadian Embassy goes to our readers for taking direct action and to the bloggers who made certain the word got out: Scott, Paladiea, JJ, Scout, Dr. Dawg and CC. If there are others who have not shown up on my link-track yet, please let me know in comments.

And I'll quote Canadian Cynic:
And if you listen carefully, you can almost hear the growing whine of "censorship" from the Canadian dumbfuck-o-sphere. Just wait for it -- you know it's coming.
Yup. Count on it. I've already read one apologist for GOTR's hate-filled rant. It's an excuse - not a reason. I don't care what motivates Wendy Sullivan. She singled out a societal group and spewed unsubstantiated, unrestrained hatred on them from her own public forum. Any attempt to paint her as a victim is simply buying into her viral behaviour.

However, here's the rub.

I don't care what Sullivan writes. She can say anything she wants. Any rational, thinking being would recognize her for what she is. And her fans will remain incurable in any case. Being a bigot and a racist is easy. It doesn't take any thought. In that regard, we have just as much freedom to point it out to others.

I don't care who sponsors her or who choses to advertise on her site. But she doesn't get to spout her venom publicly in one place and then promote herself in another on my taxpayer's dollar. Not without an attempt to prevent it.

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