Saturday, June 09, 2007

McCain's new man among the wankers

So, you may have missed this little bit in the Washington Post.
After firing two senior campaign aides in charge of courting evangelical Christians earlier this year, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) took steps yesterday to try to shore up support from religious conservatives.


... the McCain campaign announced the hiring of Mike Fair, a Republican state senator from Greenville, S.C., as a $7,000-a-month consultant to head the South Carolina chapter of his religious mobilization effort, Americans of Faith for McCain.
Which would just demonstrate that McCain is getting really desperate to gather in the, ahem, flock.

So then, you should pop on over to read what Steve has to say about it.
He is best known for the stacks of bills he has introduced that deal with sex. A recent bill called for jail time and fines for men caught in public with "discernibly turgid penises." Fair has sponsored many bills that advocate treating homosexuality as a crime.
So Fair is a typical evangelical bible-thumping, gay-bashing, bigoted asshole. That should make McCain look good to the religious-right. (Until Fair gets caught doing something which gets him labeled a hypocrite.)

And at this point you think this is about McCain, Fair and the kind of intolerant, homophobic, anti-choice, woman-hating fuckwad that managed to float to the top of the Republican commode.

No. Because now, you have to go read Paul the Spud. Paul is cool with all of this for one reason, as he so eloquently puts it in the last line of his post.

Message to Paul: If you're going to start a band with a cool name, I'm in. I played a pretty mean guitar in my time, including this. Without the wood and brass, of course.

Huh? What do you mean you don't know the meaning of turgid?

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