Friday, June 08, 2007

A man called Stephen Harper

Bono and Bob had a few choice words for the PM today:

"A man called Stephen Harper came to Heiligendamm," added Geldof. "But Canada stayed home."

The high-profile activist-musicians cited sources inside the summit who alleged Harper personally blocked the G8 leaders from accepting accountability for fulfilling their promises.

"It's as if we have the place bugged, because everybody tells us," Bono said.

Reports from rockstars aren't exactly the most credible things; but even if half true, their stuff jibes with something I heard recently, from a very good source, about how Canada is behaving at the UN these days. I mean, if I were an enterprising journalist in New York I might start asking questions about what we're [not] doing behind the scenes, and who told us [not] do it.

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