Sunday, June 03, 2007

And, who will take this idiot?

As Bush heads off to the G8 Summit with his Canadian lapdog in tow, the world starts to bubble up with opinion as to the questionable level of influence Bush actually wields. Suffice to say that Europe will pay little attention to the rambling of Bush's only supporter, Canadian prime minister Steve Harper.

No. The world will be watching Bush to see what kind of ass he makes of himself. A comprehensive foreign policy failure, Bush has already attracted attention and Rolf Wenkel demonstrates the arguments Europe will use to hack him up.
To put it bluntly: The washed-up inhabitant of the White House hasn't learned a thing. This time, too, his ideas are far behind those of the German G8 presidency -- and of the international community to set a decisive course against the threatening climate catastrophe. [...] Bush appears to be blind. He's blind to the 13 US states that combined their efforts in a climate protection initiative. He's blind to the innumerable US cities that have long been ignoring the brakesman in the White House. He's blind to companies like General Electric or General Motors that want to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 60 to 80 percent. Who still takes this man seriously?
The killer line, however, is a demonstration of how the world, outside his infinitesimal following in the United States and his petulant Canadian cheerleader, actually view Bush.
... a provincial politician from Texas, who has long imagined he knows something about world politics.
The G8 Summit will end in failure. There will be no agreement because the United States is represented at the table by a complete moron.

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