Wednesday, June 13, 2007

KY Jelly and Canada Post

Mackay and Harper want to get the KY Jelly warmed up before they ask for the release of Omar Khadr. Just in case Condoleeza and her "husband" decide to ask Petie and Steverino to visit the White House before they release a man who's had all charges dismissed.

In other news, Canada Post will be next on David Emerson's chopping block now that a NAFTA panel has dismissed unfair practices allegations from UPS.

Really the panel's decision is pretty good news if you're a fan of publicly financed services to citizens.

Harper and Emerson et al aren't fans of that of course so I expect some regulatory moves over the next months to give UPS or whoever the wiggle room they need to re-introduce their suit and win it this time.

The greatest achievement these pricks could list on their resumes as their introductions to eternal hellfire and damnation would be the 24 month destruction of a Canadian commonweal that took a century to build.

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