Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Conservative answer to the Democratic Deficit

"We will not throw a member out of caucus for voting his conscience. There will be no whipping, flipping, hiring or firing on budget votes as we saw with the Liberal government," said Peter MacKay last month.

And this just verified that Peter MacKay is not just an idiot but also a bald-faced fucking liar.
A Nova Scotia MP has been booted from the Conservative caucus after voting against budget legislation that he says will cost his province as much as a billion dollars.

Bill Casey, who was first elected as an MP in 1988, said he has been trying to convince his party to change the budget to preserve the Atlantic Accord, which keeps Nova Scotia's offshore oil and gas revenues out of the equalization formula. But his fight was unsuccessful and, in the end, he voted against his own government.

The Jurist asks the pertinent question: Where were the rest of the Atlantic Conservative MPs and the Saskatchewan MPs and why did they vote against the best interests of their constituents?

Where were Norman Doyle, Loyola Hearn, Gerald Keddy and Fabian Manning when the future of their constituents was being ripped up with the Atlantic Accord? We already know where Peter MacKay stands.

What is astounding is that Casey voted on behalf of his constituents and believed the previous words of MacKay.

“I'm still a Conservative,” he said. “Peter MacKay said they wouldn't throw anybody out of the caucus if they voted their conscience on (the budget bill). Although the Whip just gave me a little different message a minute ago.”
No, Mr. Casey, you're not a Conservative anymore. If you don't believe me, go read the foaming-at-the-mouth Blogging Tories in the morning. The smart ones will realize that your removal from caucus puts Harper's minority in more jeopardy. But the majority of them will probably call for nothing short of your evisceration.

Not bad. Two promises broken in one vote.

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