Saturday, June 02, 2007

Getting the pejorative right

Roger L Simon has attempted an act of... um.... contrition?

Actually, it was more like an excuse which wound its way through the decades underscoring his reasons for protesting against the war he could have been in, and dodged by avoiding military service, and being a cheerleader for a war he can't be in, due to age, marital status and other more important pursuits like writing roles that fit Richard Dreyfuss as an L.A.-based, dope-smoking, private-eye.

Roger was trying to produce something which suggests he has a right to participate in the US Memorial Day event. His point was that he supports the troops. Good enough, I suppose, but he remains on the hook as being the worst kind of hypocrite. Saying, "If I were single, I might go now," doesn't wash.

And, hell, I blame my mother for a lot of things, but my fear of flying bullets comes from within. Roger doesn't make that distinction. He just... blames his mother.

Never mind... as odoriferous as Simon's post actually is, particularly the update where he offers a gratuity to the troops and then demonstrates the kind of puerility found during a game of marbles between six-year-olds, he was actually trying to diminish the meaning of the word Chickenhawk by declaring himself one. This is Simon making every effort to paint all chickenhawks as normal. He then takes a swipe at all those who disagree with his position on the current crop of wars by suggesting they too will one day find themselves excusing their present behaviour.

No, Roger.

You are every inch a chickenhawk. That's a given. Wearing it with pride won't make it go away because beyond that you are also a first-class asshole, and you made that abundantly clear with your post.

Again, never mind. As much as I would like to say Roger's post was a waste, I cannot. Simon actually did something productive. It was the graphic.

Given this post from yesterday, the graphic Roger L Simon produced completely and perfectly describes, the Prime Minister of Canada.

Thank you, Roger. You may be a complete asshole, but you are often a useful one.

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