Friday, June 29, 2007

Does the Canadian Embassy check anything out?

I don't pay a great deal of attention to the blog ramblings of the deranged-right. The first indication that the worldview expressed is likely to be limited by seriously blocked synaptic clefts is a homepage banner which, although on a Canadian blog, is based solely on an American flag. (I like the American flag - on American sites.)

Wendy Sullivan goes overboard:
As opposed to the other 364 days When the Natives do absolutely nothing except smoke, drink and fuck their daughters. This Friday will mark the Native Day of Action(tm) here in Canada. It's their chance to whine and complain that us white guys who pay 45% in income tax to support their smoking, drinking and daughter-fucking are ripping them off.
If I have to explain to you that this is racist hate mongering, then perhaps you're here by accident.

Sullivan is taken to these kinds of hate-filled little rants. We know that. For the most part, we ignore her.

Fast forward to Washington D.C. and the Canadian Embassy Connect2Canada site where Sullivan is getting props from the embassy staff.
A Little TLC for Troops Fighting the Taliban
Yeah, interesting initiative, but the organizer is a hate-spewing racist. Canadian values? Makes you wonder if the Canadian Embassy in Washington really knows who they're dealing with.

I think I'll let them know. Here.

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