Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jeebus would be proud

A few days ago Unrepentant Old Hippie posted this about a new website entitled CHRISTIANGOVERNMENT.CA.

Like JJ, I could see a reason for concern. As much as I have no use for organized religion in any form, as long as religion stays out of the secular operation of government, at all levels, I don't care what they preach or about who might choose to listen.

That's the guaranteed freedom they and I possess.

However, Christian Government has an extensive link list of organizations which make no secret of their desire to impose their so-called Christian values on the entire population by having a place in making government policy.
Their link list reads like a who's who of Canadian religious right douchebaggery: REALwomen, Focus on the Family, Institute for Canadian Values, Canada Family Action Coalition, Marriage Canada, and even the despicable NARTH (homophobic hate site) are just a few of the whackjobs "Christian Government" links to. Especially troubling is something called "Take Back Canada", a site which operates under the pretense of being "pro-family" but in fact is almost entirely devoted to gay-bashing. ("Gays want your children!" kind of stuff.)
This is the crowd that demands the right to shove their beliefs down your throat and then howls PERSECUTION! when you don't let them get away with it.

Well today, one of the Christian followers dropped by Unrepentant Old Hippie to leave a message of peace and Christian love.


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