Sunday, June 17, 2007

The not-so friendly skies

How long will have to wait for the federal government to start putting peace activists and opposition MPs on new no-fly list, just like their American counterparts?
Barry Prentice, the director of the Transport Institute at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg (quoted in the linked article) has it right:
"We're having a no-fly list because they have a no-fly list.… They want us to have one and we want to open trade with the U.S., so we're getting one."Prentice said the Canadian government should limit the size of its no-fly list and make sure the number of names doesn't get into the thousands."Let's limit it to the size of a hockey team and let's kept it public," he said. "I just think this is overboard."

It isn't like the U.S. list has ever been abused by the authorities. Heaven forbid!

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