Monday, June 18, 2007

Recognition!! has a newsletter!


It's a little late, but there it is for all to read. Apparently, because we don't subscribe to the site owner's version of Christianity... or any other organized religion for that matter, we're all a bunch of Marxists.

Umm... no. I'm a democrat. I don't believe anybody's religion has any place in government. And if you don't believe what theocracies do to the people of a country, you only have to read this.

No matter. The newsletter goes on to describe a speaking engagement (the cause of the delay in getting this critical newsletter out) with the Kitchener-Waterloo chapter of the homophobic defendMarriage Canada.

The newsletter takes particular issue with Mike's post. Apparently they don't like the idea that there is a body of people in this country who don't like having "the one true religion" crammed down our fucking throats by a religious freak. (That's not blasphemy because Bloedow's theology is anything but Christian. It is profanity. Get over it.)

Anyway, it seems Mike isn't the only one being identified as dangerous. Bloedow's readers are being cautioned about these posts:

Unrepentant Old Hippie blog (The whole friggin' blog, mind you!);
The Galloping Beaver blog (Thanks! Love the attention!);
Canadian Cynic (You may get a Blogging Tory wound stripe from that);
The Eternal Gaijin's blog (That is a disambiguation from the newsletter);
Rational Reasons blog (Because Mike won't take any shit from him).

If you've come from, welcome! Here, there is no true religion. Please observe that elsewhere.

I encourage you to pursue and practice your faith. It has nothing to do with government. And if you try to make your religion a part of my government, I will fucking-well stop you. Dead in your tracks.

Hmmm.... checking the statcounter and I'm getting this uneasy feeling. It's starting to look like has one active reader. Aside from those of us listed above I mean.

That's hardly worth the profanity and blasphemy.

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