Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Christofascists are closing for the kill

Thought it couldn't happen here? Think again. According to Pie Palace, right-wing, christofascist, homophobic Darrel Reid is back in Ottawa. And, apparently he has taken a seat in the Prime Minister's Office as deputy director of policy and research.
I'm made slightly uncomfortable by this hire because of this guy's CV. Focus on the Family is US-based organization that openly funds its Canadian franchise (if you believe Wikipedia). I'm not sure that I want someone who was effectively a lobbyist sitting so close to our Prime Minister.
I would be more than "slightly uncomfortable" over such an appointment. This is one of those "sneak 'em in and no one will notice" appointments. It also underscores the knowledge possessed by the conservatives that people like Darrel Reid are despised by a wide group of Canadians.

There is a need for people to remind themselves that no matter what Harper appears to be, he has not changed. He owes the religious-right and they intend to collect. Sticking a raving wingnut like Darrel Reid, first as chief-of-staff for Rona Ambrose, and now, right in the Prime Minister's Office, is a clear indication that the social conservatives have the power and the ear of Steve Harper.

(H/T skdadl from comments)

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