Friday, April 27, 2007

Evidence That Homo Sapiens Can Survive Itself

Does anyone know of any?

There are many signs that we won't and it's rapidly becoming my opinion that we can't but I know of no signs that indicate we either can or will.

Anyone? Anyone?


Dr. Richard Leakey has called this period of time, our era, the Sixth Extinction.

"It is happening now, and we, the human race, are its cause," explains Dr. Richard Leakey, the world's most famous paleoanthropologist. Every year, between 17,000 and 100,000 species vanish from our planet, he says. "For the sake of argument, let's assume the number is 50,000 a year. Whatever way you look at it, we're destroying the Earth at a rate comparable with the impact of a giant asteroid slamming into the planet, or even a shower of vast heavenly bodies." The statistics he has assembled are staggering. Fifty per cent of the Earth's species will have vanished inside the next 100 years; mankind is using almost half the energy available to sustain life on the planet, and this figure will only grow as our population leaps from 5.7 billion to ten billion inside the next half-century. Such a dramatic and overwhelming mass extinction threatens the entire complex fabric of life on Earth, including the species responsible for it: Homo sapiens." (For more cheery news visit

That was published 12 years ago in 1995. Nothing has improved since then. The situation has become much, much worse.

All of our hominid ancestry became extinct because they were unable to adapt to a changed environment. In each of their cases the change was geological or perhaps astronomical in nature.

In our case the change is neither geological nor astronomical. It is synthetic. We're making the change ourselves.

We aren't even adaptable enough, let alone intelligent enough, to stop doing it.

We certainly aren't adaptable enough to survive it.

I believe the time of homo sapiens is beginning to draw to it's close.

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