Monday, April 23, 2007

The latest "blame" video on Virginia Tech

Do you want to know how low the Christian Dominionists will stoop to take over your life? Think about this: In 2005 the leader of the American Family Association, led by Methodist freakball, Tim Wildmon, stated on a radio broadcast that there was evidence of homosexual and lesbian people on Home and Garden Television and Animal Planet.

This time, Wildmon and his pack of literalist bible interpreting thugs have decided to capitalize on the slaughter at Virginia Tech to promote their own program. My Stance on Freedom found this video produced by the AFA. Watch as much as you can. Stop when you begin to gag.

So, Wildmon and his crowd are blaming nineteen different events on:

- Failure to teach the Christian bible, one of several different religions, in public schools;
- The unacceptable act of beating on children;
- Abortion;
- Birth control and the prevention of the spread of STDs;
- The inability to snoop into the bedrooms of the general population;
- The existence of child pornography;
- Hollywood;
- Popular music.

Based in falsehood, misrepresentation of facts and illogical conclusions, this is just another fundie rant demonstrating extreme desperation. As MSOF says, it's an insult to true believing Christians.

I am a little surprised though. Unlike his past accusations, this time, Wildmon didn't blame it on the Jews.

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