Friday, April 20, 2007

Suppose a Politician Took AGW Seriously

Suppose you were a politician who took anthropogenic global warming seriously.

Suppose you understood that this was the greatest threat that humanity has ever had to face.

Suppose you understood that if we don't begin to take action now the chances of being able to do anything about it at all begin diminishing toward zero with every passing month until there's almost no point anymore.

I'm not referring here to your status as a citizen. We're all citizens and consumers and we can all make individual choices and decisions that collectively will make substantive differences.

I'm referring here to your status as an elected member of a legislative body and the responsibility and power endowed by that position.
What would you do? What would determine your political actions?
Would your priorities change? How would they change?
I'm not going to mention any names or parties here. I'll leave that up to you, if you respond in text.
I just want you to examine the questions and your own responses.

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