Sunday, April 15, 2007

Secular End Timers

Famine, plague, pestilence and global conflagration.

Looking forward to them? Think they'll ultimately be a good thing for humanity, a cleansing experience?

They're all looming within the lifetimes of the younger humans alive today - your young children or grand children. The generations beyond your children or grand children won't have to worry about the looming famine, plague, pestilence and global conflagration because they'll be in the thick of all of it. All that will be looming for them will be the open ended question of whether humanity survives the experience.

But that's all to the good for end timers.

End timers come in all kinds of configurations. They're not limited to the kind of religious sociopaths Tony Robinson goes on about in The Doomsday Code. Which you should watch if you haven't already, just to bring yourself up to speed.

End timers also come in a secular configuration.

The secular configuration of end timers are the ones trying to score partisan political points regarding the ways to try to address the looming threat.

You see, the looming threats of famine, plague, pestilence and global conflagration are not as important or urgent or real to them as are their partisan political considerations.

They have a primitive tribalist imperative to vanquish who they perceive as their domestic political foes that supercedes almost every other consideration.

They believe that the possibility of joining forces within our own borders to begin to try and ward off the looming Four Horsemen is only possible if they can join forces with those of exactly the same mind as they on every single other issue. If someone doesn't believe in some particular bit of dogma unrelated to famine, plague, pestilence and global conflagration then they're not fit to ally with on anything. Especially not on something that could generate as much publicity as famine, plague, pestilence and global conflagration.

They're perfectly OK with joining forces with other nations, with global governmental entities or with global non governmental organizations. They take great pride in repeating over and over that all humanity must unite together in order to counter these threats.

But don't expect them to join forces or make alliances with anyone outside their own domestic partisan political tribe. The people in those other tribes aren't really part of humanity.

For them - for the secular end timers - this in itself would be the end of the world. They see it as being co-opted, subsumed. They see it as a loss of identity, a loss of purpose, of face and reputation. A loss of votes. A loss of life itself.

The famine, plague, pestilence and global conflagration would be nothing in comparison.

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