Thursday, April 26, 2007

US military + Iraqi prisons = ???

They just can't seem to get it right, can they?

The commander of a major US military prison in Iraq has been arrested for offences including aiding the enemy.

Lt Col William Steele is accused of giving detainees free use of a mobile phone at Camp Cropper and fraternising with the daughter of a detainee. It is the latest of several scandals involving US jails in Iraq, the worst being the 2003 Abu Ghraib abuse case. Col Steele is also accused of improper behaviour with his Iraqi interpreter and holding unauthorised information.

There are four overall charges against Col Steele and nine specific alleged offences. He was arrested last month and is being detained in Kuwait, a US military spokeswoman said.

Others offences include dereliction in the performance of his duties, failing to obey an order and wrongfully possessing pornographic videos.

I feel like I'm watching some giant real-life Do-Lung bridge scene from Apocalypse Now. It gets weirder by the minute over there.

Sadly, we're not faring much better in Afghanistan in way of prisons either.

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